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The logo of Whisperwool Akustik

Do you have your own pictures or a company logo? We can add your images or individualized embossing to our acoustic images for you.


We would be happy to advise you on the design options.

Individualized Products

Whisperwool acoustic pictures made from sheep's wool are printed or 3D embossed acoustic panels. They are designed by artists and designers and can be customized upon request. Our acoustic pictures are available in different colors and mounting options.

Acoustic Images

Whisperwool can be printed and embossed. This has inspired artists and designers to create very special works of art that achieve special depth and conciseness through special printing and embossing techniques. 

With high-quality print preparation and the best green printing processes and operations, we have created a collection at the highest level.

Art and Design in the Office and Living Room


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Acoustic Images


Four selected motifs are each presented in 3 different sizes to suit different room sizes. The photographs by the artist Peter Philipp were elaborately prepared for the prints. The most beautiful excerpts were selected for each format.

It was printed on WhisperwoolAcoustic wall panelsin order to be able to guarantee optimal noise reduction. Thanks to the recessed frames, the panoramas appear to float in front of the wall.