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The logo of Whisperwool Akustik
Whisperwool Rose
Whisperwool Rose
  • Recycling 
    Our sheep's wool is an agricultural waste product.

  • Upcycling
    We recycle our products and production "waste" into Whisperwool.

  • Animal welfare
    Our sheep are kept in a species-appropriate manner. 

  • Supplier relationships
    We maintain good relationships with our partners.

  • Economy
    We reinvest profits in the further development of our technology.

  • Health
    Whisperwool absorbs sound and toxins and promotes health.

  • Ecology
    We pay attention to the highest ecological standards for co-operating companies and materials used.

  • Research for even more ecology 
    Our vision are products, that can be buried in the ground as fertiliser.

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