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Whisperwool are sound-absorbing panels made from Tyrolean sheep's wool

For healthy rooms


Whisper in here

Whisperwool brings calm to a room and absorbs any excess noise.
No need to scream!

Whisperwool has a pleasant absorption curve: there is no overdamping in high frequencies and good absorption down to low frequencies.


 Breathe deeply

Wool regulates air humidity. It can absorb up to one third of its own weight in water and release it again.


Wool is also able to filter formaldehyde out of the air and break it down into harmless substances.


Whisperwool is non-allergenic, because the wool is washed in the best way possible.
Whisperwool is moth-resistant.



Whisperwool is made of wool that mostly cannot be used for clothes and would otherwise be discarded. We make Whisperwool back into Whisperwool. Cuttings, waste from mounting, and panels which have been removed can be shredded and reused.


As natural as possible

Sheep's wool is a regenerative raw material. Whisperwool contains the highest possible concentration of wool, although we also use a binding fibre, preferably made from PLA (bio-based), or PET (recycled).


We have chosen only natural colours for Whisperwool, which perfectly compliment and accentuate the materials commonly used in contemporary architecture, such as steel, wood, stone, concrete or glass.
Whisperwool is mounted on sub-constructions using invisible means.

Light, rigid and soft 


Measuring 900 mm x 900 mm with a thickness of 12 mm, Whisperwool panels weigh  approximately 3,000 g.
Whisperwool panels are soft but inherently rigid.

The Whisperwool  Colours


silver grey

natural white



and more...

Whisperwool panels can be used in many different ways:

For entrance areas and lobbies in offices, medical practices and hotels.

For classrooms, auditoriums, kindergartens and gymnasiums.

For communication zones, salesrooms and conference rooms.
In hotelrooms, rest areas and restaurants.

Whisperwool is also suitable for use in private residences: in living rooms, dining areas, kitchens, bedrooms and playrooms.

Whisperwool – Applications

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