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Tante Lotte Design GmbH

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Whisperwool – material award winner: ecology

Whisperwool is lucky winner of the popular award:

materialPREIS 2018 - der Auszeichnung für besondere Materialien 

The Whisperwool construction
soft overlayer
stable core

Pure sheep's wool in combination with an especially developed natural bandage fibre forms the stable core of Whisperwool. Exactly this hard, but permeable core provides for the sound-absorbent effect (αw up to 0.9).


The overlayer of the Whisperwool panels exists of an optically very attractive woollen felt and strongly scores pounts with it in the areas Interior design and sustainability.


Whisperwool plates have a thickness of 12 – 14 mm with a dimension of 900 x 900 mm and with a weight of 3,000 g. By the procedure "Lanaforming" Whisperwool can be also used on irregular substructures (like curved covers).

The Whisperwool colours

Topically we offer Whisperwool in three natural tones:

anthracite, silver-grey and natural-white.

The Whisperwool advantages
Pleasant acoustics


Whisperwool adjusts thanks to a sound absorption curve from αw up to 0.9 (highest absorbing) annoying noises in rooms und spaces.


Free breathing deeply


Whisperwool filters poison materials (e.g. formaldehyde) from other building materials and from the air (96% within 24h).

Naturally-based hygienic and to 100% renewable


Whisperwool is allergy-free by pure sheep's wool (no mites!), self-cleaning, bactericidal and resistant to moths.

Easily mounting


Whisperwool plates only weigh 3,000 g with a standard size of 900 x 900 mm and can be joined together jointlessly. The thickness of the plates is 12 - 14 mm.

Jointless surface


Whisperwool panels are layed joint to joint. A jointless appearance arises by reworking the joints with the help of felt brush and fingers.





Whsiperwool plates can also be adaptedThe to irregular subsoils, how curved covers or in columns.

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Tante Lotte Design GmbH

Höttinger Au 44
6020 Innsbruck


T +43 512 283037