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Whisperwool – characteristics

Sound absorption: αw up to 0,9  sound absorption curve 

Room climate: adjusts air humidity and improves room climate

Air-purification: cleans and filters out toxins (formaldehyde) by 96% in 24h 

Cleanliness: stain-resistant and self-cleaning 

Fire behaviour: F (not categorised)

Hygiene: non-allergenic and bactericidal, moth-resistant 

Environment: 100% recycleable 

Whisperwool – technical data

Material: sheep's wool, bandage fiber PE; outer fabric: woollen felt

Thickness: 12 mm 

Dimensions: 900mm x 900mm 

Weight: approx. 3000g/panel

Form stability: 0,07 % in both directions 

Colours: basic selection for unsorted sheep's wool – marbled look, overlayer: anthracite, silver-grey, natural-white, natural. Differences in colour are possible.

3D forms:  if requested, panels can be formed into 3D shapes

If requested: structured

Whisperwool – fields of application

Office: entrance areas, offices, conference rooms, etc.

Universities, schools and kindergartens: auditoriums, classrooms, children's rooms, halls, break rooms, conference rooms, sports halls and gymnasiums, etc.

Banks: Lobby, communication zones, adviser's areas, etc.

Hotels: lobbies, communication zones, consultation rooms, etc.

Salesrooms: entire sales areas, particularly areas with a lot of customer traffic

Privately: living rooms and dining areas, kitchens, bedrooms and playrooms, etc.

Whisperwool – standards

Whisperwool complies with: ÖNORM EN 13964:2014: Unterdecken (suspended ceilings)

Whisperwool complies with: ÖNORM EN 15102: 2011: Dekorative Wandbekleidungen - Rollen- und Plattenform (decorative wallcoverings in rolled and panel form)

Whisperwool – mounting

Subconstruction and mounting:  you can find mounting instructions here, and watch a video to show you how to mount the panels:

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