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Whisperwool absorbs the frequencies in the main speech range without overdamping (300 to 3500 Hertz). Whisperwool acoustic panels and panels are highly sound-absorbing from a frequency of 100 Hertz (lower values were not recorded). Whisperwool has a very good “early decay time” (EDT Early Decay Time), a benchmark from acoustics that evaluates the perceived reverberation time (reverberation).


The distance from the wall increases the absorption in the low frequencies and the absorption effect can be increased with additional back insulation. This means that usually only half the area is required compared to other systems to create pleasant rooms.


Even a small amount of Whisperwool sound absorbers results in a high acoustic effectiveness. In this way costs can be saved.

Cost Savings Through High Acoustic Effectiveness


Improve room acoustics with sheep's wool

Room Acoustics & Room Design Made From Sheep's Wool

Materials such as concrete and glass play an important role in architecture and design. However, the smooth surfaces result in poor room acoustics. It starts to echo. The wool used in Whisperwool calms noisy rooms. Language becomes more understandable and communication becomes more pleasant.


The fine hairs of sheep's wool are responsible for this. They are set in motion by sound. By converting the kinetic energy into heat energy, the sound is absorbed and the room acoustics are improved. With Whisperwool acoustic absorbers on the wall, ceiling or as a room divider you can whisper, more is no longer necessary and concentration while working increases.

Sustainable Design Made From Agricultural Waste Sheep's Wool

Whisperwool is the sustainable acoustic solution made from sheep's wool.

Sustainable raw materials that have a positive impact on the environment are important to us. Sheep's wool is a renewable raw material that is created as a waste product in agriculture.

We focus on regionality, which is why we primarily use Tyrolean sheep's wool and always know exactly under what conditions the sheep live and are sheared. The natural acoustic solution Whisperwool supports the regional value chain and is manufactured by a certified public good company, Tante Lotte Design GmbH.

Whisperwool is Made in Austria.