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GENTIAN hanging panel
  • GENTIAN hanging panel
  • GENTIAN hanging panel

GENTIAN hanging panel

Design: Horst Philipp


Gentian is the flower of the Alps. It grows primarily at altitudes above 2000 meters, i.e. where sheep also like to graze. The cycles close again. Gentian was created from a study on origami flowers. He has become the favorite in the evolutionary battle for the viewer's favor.


Our acoustic panels made of sheep's wool, which hang freely in the room, are suitable as sound-absorbing room dividers that are suspended from the ceiling. Whisperwool acoustic hanging dividers are available in a variety of colors, textures, sizes and mounting options.


Whisperwool acoustic hanging panels are available in a variety of designs. In addition to the design aspects, sound absorption is particularly important. Depending on the version, different frequencies are absorbed. Even a single acoustic element noticeably improves the room acoustics and the room climate. 


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  • Acoustic hanging panels for hanging from the ceiling using length-adjustable wire ropes
  • Individual hanging panels can be connected to each other to form privacy curtains



  • cut to special dimensions, dye, print, bend, fold, 3D shape, CAD cutting, provide light, heat



  • Sound absorption: αw: up to 0.9
  • L/W/H: 86/86/5 cm, weight approx. 1.3 kg
  • Indoor climate: regulate the air humidity and improve the indoor climate
  • Air purification: clean and filter toxins (e.g. formaldehyde) up to 96% in 24 hours
  • Cleaning: dirt-repellent and self-cleaning
  • Reaction to fire: F according to EN 13501-1, on request and for an additional charge Bs2-d0 according to EN 13501-1  orB1Q1 according to Önorm B3822,3800
  • Allergy-free and antibacterial, moth-resistant
  • Environment: 100% recyclable


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