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Das Logo von Whisperwool Akustik

Whisperwool: Naturally quiet

With Whisperwool, it has been possible to develop rigid acoustic panels from soft wool fibres without losing the properties of the natural fibre. This has resulted in innovative acoustic solutions that can be used as acoustic ceilings, acoustic panels or even acoustic ceiling sails.

The wool not only provides that certain something visually, but also offers numerous added values:

Highest absorption class with αW up to 0.9:

The pleasant absorption curve also swallows low frequencies from 100 Hertz, but does not overdampen the highs.

Sustainability and room health:

  • 100% recyclable (return of waste to the production cycle)

  • Upcycled wool from regional mountain sheep

  • On request with 100% biodegradable binding fibre

  • Regulates room humidity

  • Cleans the room air of pollutants (neutralises formaldehyde)

  • Free of harmful substances and suitable for allergy sufferers

  • Dirt repellent and robust

Design variety and simple assembly:

Easy to cut, bendable, foldable,... adapts to almost all ceiling requirements and leaves room for design ideas.

  • Easy installation on wood or metal substructure

  • Can be laid without joints for a calm ceiling appearance

  • NEW: also available as grid ceiling system or cooling/heating ceiling