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Whisperwool DOLLYWOOD

Acoustic curtains made of felt separate a meeting room.

Precious wood and fine wool

In the landscapes of Dollywood, the sheep dances and sings through the woods.

Just as Dolly revolutionised science, Dollywood shows us that true beauty and innovation today can lie in a return to natural materials and cycles.

Only the designs are cloned here; they join together as a pattern and form a larger whole.

MENDERES | Design Michael Stuchlik

Meanders are orthogonal ornaments that have been used since the Neolithic period. The name is derived from the winding river Meander (Turkish: Menderes) in Asia Minor.

In ancient Greece, they represent the attainment of eternity as duration in time through reproduction. The depiction of an aging being replacing a younger one symbolizes immortality. The older being curls up while the younger one unfolds, which refers to the eternally young god Eros and the infinite renewal of the cosmos.

9 App-shaped acoustic panels above a couch

KYTOS | Design Michael Stuchlik

Algorithmic precision and natural inspiration:

KYTOS is carefully designed using algorithms based on natural growth processes and cellular structures. These algorithms simulate the way cells divide and spread, creating a dynamic yet harmonious pattern.

App-shaped wool acoustic panels on a concrete wall

FLEUR DE LIS | Design Horst Philipp

The FLEUR DE LIS, a lily motif, symbolizes purity and perfection. From antiquity to the present day, it has been used in various meanings, from peace to the Trinity, in coats of arms and sports clubs. For designer Horst Philipp, it evokes memories of the wrought iron garden fence of his parents' house in Innsbruck, where he got stuck as a child.

Hanging panels arranged one above the other in an office with a view

The innovative wood-wool panels DOLLYWOOD from Whisperwool in collaboration with Europlac give planners new possibilities in the design of wall and ceiling cladding as well as in the construction of furniture.

A perforated MDF board is connected in a sandwich construction with a middle section made of pressed sheep's wool and a top made of fine veneer. The wool layer underneath becomes visible through cutouts in the veneer.

INDIVIDUAL: We can create designs according to customer requirements. A wide variety of wood and wool colors are available: Challenge us!

Dollywood was also nominated for the Green Product Design Award 2023!  https://

Michael Stuchlik

The portrait of the designer Michael Stuchlik

Michael Stuchlik is a designer and media artist in Innsbruck.