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APPS | Award Winning Design

NEW: APPS OCHO | Acoustic curtain

Felt curtains separate a meeting table

APPS winner of the BIG SEE Product Design Design award

"Just like pictures! Made of sheep's wool acoustic panels APPS, designed by Horst Philipp, Tante Lotte Design GmbH, winners of the BIG SEE Product Design Award 2022. FOR MORE, check it out here ➡ -apps/"


Today, apps are mainly understood as digital applications, but apps can also be colloquial short forms for eagerness, implementation, meaning, adding or job applications. The term to app is also used short for to appreciate: to value.

With APPS, a series of acoustic design applications was created that play with the formal language of digital apps, which can be applied, to which you can “app” something. That apply additional advantages such as air purification, humidity regulation and toxin reduction and with which the designers “appreciate” nature and its cycles, the material and its properties and design possibilities.


Wall Panels

9 shaped acoustic panels over a couch

Hanging Panels

Hanging panels arranged one above the other in an office with a view

Ceiling Sails

Rounded felt panels arranged in rows in a garden loft

Acoustic Stands

different colored and high room dividers in an office with a view

Tabletop Panels

Acoustic table panels in an open-plan office with a view.

Acoustic Pillars | Lamps

The new addition to the APPS family: APPLEBLOSSOM

Designed by Natalie Nusser | Mario Erhard | Michael Stuchlik 2022

Appleblossom acoustic columns in a meeting room with a view

Horst Philipp

The designer and developer is also the inventor and developer of Whisperwool. He already has a long tradition in designing with wool. His great-great-great-grandfather Franz Baur founded a loden factory in Innsbruck as early as 1814 and later applied for a patent for waterproof loden.

As a designer, Horst Philipp has created timeless classics with the design trio Pudelskern. His award-winning works can be found in design museums and collections.